The scope of the “Digital Inclusion and Interconnection of the Library” project, which has been completed, was the creation of modern services so that the needs of HOU students would be met. In particular:


  • Creation and development of Subject Gateways Open or Close

    Subject Gateways

    The HOU Library provides access to Subject Gateways, as a means of supporting those who are involved in Open and Distance Learning. Subject gateways are credible information resources, selected and categorized thematically, which include electronic books and journals, bibliographic databases, bibliographic references, blogs, activities of scientific communities, links with relevant material e.t.c.

  • Digitization Open or Close

    Digitization refers to the procedure of electronic processing and converting of a physical object into a digital one. It aims at the safeguarding of the information which is included in the archival material, the protection of the original material as well as its qualitative reproduction in electronic and printed form.

  • Proxy Service Open or Close

    This service gives the opportunity to a user to access electronic material through the webpage of the Library, without the need of applications of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Repository of the HOU Open or Close
    The Repository contains all the material, which forms the intellectual property of the HOU, and has been produced either by academic and research staff (research papers, technical documents, texts, teaching material etc) or by students (dissertations, PhD theses). This material is accessible to users through the internet.

  • Search Engine Open or Close is a unified search engine which makes the searching process simpler by seeking information at different resources simultaneously.
    It interconnects with external information resources and forwards the search questions to a large number of selected (by the Library) search engines, thus returning a sum of results to the user.
    For accessing it please click on the following link:

  • Services for the Disabled Open or Close

    In order to improve the services of the Hellenic Open University to disabled people, the Library of the Hellenic Open University offers the service screenreader with the technology of converting texts of websites to speech.

  • Single Sign On Service Open or Close

    Shibboleth is a single sign on system which allows users of the library, to log in and to have access to many of the electronic services of the HOU, by signing in only once (using just one identity).