Field Studies

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) Library provides its users Field Studies that have been written by the ICAP Group and Stochasis and in which the developments in certain industrial fields in Greece and Europe, are presented, analyzed and evaluated.

Field Studies are provided:

  1. in print and can be borrowed only by the members of the academic community and the administrative staff of the HOU, according to the existing regulations. For further information please click on Borrowing Printed Books.
  2. electronically through the HOU Repository. Access to field studies is possible only through the username and password credentials the users have been supplied, for logging in the Educational Portal of the H.O.U. 

For accessing the field studies in electronic form please click on the following links:

  1. “Stochasis” Field Studies
  2. “ICAP Group” Field Studies

Please note that the use of field studies is being subjected to the regulations of the Hellenic Open University and its Library and is provided for personal use only. All provisions of Law 2121-1993, concerning the protection of intellectual property, are effective.