What is an e-book
An electronic book is a book published in a digital form so that it can be read by electronic devices such as e-readers, computers, tablets and mobile phones, in an ePub, Portable Document Format (pdf) and Mobipocket form.

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) Library provides access to the following electronic resources:
Wiley Online Library: This is an annual subscription of the Hellenic Academic Library Link (heal-Link) to the entire collection of Wiley Online Library. Through this database access is being given to an unlimited number of users to more than 18,877 titles covering many different subjects. Users can also download files in pdf form as well as photocopy material.
Elsevier (ScienceDirect): This is an annual subscription which provides access to an unlimited number of users to 5.220 titles published in 2007-2019 covering subjects such as economics, biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, informatics, physics, mathematics, social sciencs etc. Users can also download files in pdf form as well as photocopy material.
• Open Edition Books: 31 e-books of Humanities in French and English Language which have been purchased by the HOU. To find the 31 e-books , please click here. Also, οpen access to 9.106 e-books of Humanities and Social Sciences as long as you click on 'Hellenic Open University access' and two sections will appear: 8.462 titles Read online & 644 titles Read and download ePub/PDF.
ProQuest Ebook Central Academic Complete και Ebook Central University Press Collections: These two collections include 215,673 titles of academic eBooks of various thematic subjects, licensed to an unlimited number of users, with an overwhelming majority being available for full download through Ebook Central, the new ProQuest e-books hosting platform. In particular, copy and print rights in Ebook Central are as follows: each user can copy a certain percentage of the pages of any book on a daily basis, as well as print a percentage of its pages (again on a daily basis) . The percentage of pages one is allowed to copy or print varies depending on the title. The copying and printing of a book made by one user within a single-day does not affect copying and printing limits for the same book by other users.
• 1023 Electronic Books which have been purchased by the HOU and can be located in the Main Catalogue, if you do a "keyword" search using the term "electronic book".
3,451 electronic books, which are offered free of charge by EBSCO Information Services. In order to view these titles you must do the following:

  •  Select "login again"
  •  Tick "eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)"
  •  Select "Continue"
  •  Do a keyword search using the term "FB Y"

Only members of the HOU academic community can have access to the above electronic material, by using the username and password credentials they have been supplied for logging in the Educational Portal of the HOU.

Printing and Copying
Please note that electronic books are protected by international laws on copyright. In cases of excessive printing as well as violations of copyright rights, both the user and the library are warned and serious penalties may be imposed.

Finally there is also available the Open Access Electronic Material.