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    Guide for the document magnification system

    Twinkle/Clearview Bright Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Keyboard User Manual

    1. Function of the control buttons
    Brightness and contrast - These buttons are located on the left side of the control panel. Press the up button to increase contrast in the image viewing mode and brightness in the reading mode. Press the down button to decrease contrast and brightness.

    2. Functions
    Use the square button to choose between:
    Image viewing mode (better for viewing photos and images)
    Reading mode (better for high contrast reading, black text on a white background, and reverse reading mode (white text on a black background).
    The focus button is located at the bottom of the control panel. Select this button for the lens to focus automatically. Press the button again to focus again. Focusing will take about three seconds.

    3. Pointer
    Press the arrow-shaped button to activate a red dot on the reading table. This pointer will help you locate the part that is magnified on the screen. Selecting this button again will close the pointer. The red dot is only visible on the reading table and not on the screen!

    The zoom buttons are to the right of the control panel. Press the upper button to zoom in and the lower button to zoom out. Using the reading table - The reading table was designed to simplify your reading. Place your material in the middle of the table. Place your hands on the right and left pillows at the bottom corners of the table. Now you can move the table with your hands. The lever located beneath the front of the table allows you to control the movement of the table. There are three positions:
    Middle: (free movement) - This is the standard position, allowing the table to move freely in any direction.
    Left: (movement blocking back and forth) When you gently push the lever obliquely to the left, you hear a distinctive "sound". The table can now only move to the left or right.
    Right: (movement is blocked) In the right position, the table movement is blocked to ensure a stable surface.

    Using Table Features
    The feature pack can be taken from its base and positioned to the left or right of the system for your convenience.
    Press the "line" button to toggle between the horizontal and vertical underlining markers to support reading. By pressing this button again, the underlining markers will disappear.

    Press the "window" button to toggle between horizontal and vertical viewing windows. If this button is pressed again, the window will disappear.

    When a virtual external medium such as an external camera or a computer connected to the system is inserted, we can switch between them with the "options" button. By pressing the options button we can choose between:
    - Built-in camera
    - External camera
    - Computer
    - Built-in camera/external camera (if any) on a split screen
    - Built-in camera/computer (if any) on a split screen
    - External camera/computer (if there are both) on a split screen

    The "Position" control is a knob. This knob allows you to place lines and windows anywhere on the screen. Horizontal lines and windows move up and down. Vertical lines and windows move from left to right.

    The "width" control is a knob. This knob widens the distance between lines or windows.

    Colour select
    By pressing the right side of this button you can choose between 8 different combinations of foreground and background colour in both normal and reverse reading modes. By pressing the left side you will return to the previous combination. By pressing both sides simultaneously the display will switch to black and white

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Guide Open or Close

    Short user guide on keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MS Word

    1. Keys for Windows
    Action: Minimization of every Window - Shortcut: WINDOWS +M
    Action: Open Start Menu - Shortcut: WINDOWSήCTRL+ESCAPE
    Action: Open Windows Explorer - Shortcut: WINDOWS +E
    Action: Open search Dialogue Window: - Shortcut: WINDOWS +F
    Action: Open Dialogue Window - Shortcut: WINDOWS +R
    Action: Open System Properties- Shortcut: WINDOWS +BREAK
    Action: Open computer search Window Dialogue - Shortcut: WINDOWS +CTRL+F
    Action: Open Subject Menu - Shortcut: ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΗήSHIFT+F10
    Action: Circular movement through current applications- Shortcut: ALT+TAB
    Action: Open Application Control Menu - Shortcut: ALT+SPACEBAR
    Action: Open Document Control Menu - Shortcut: ALT+MEION
    Action: Copy to clipboard - Shortcut: CTRL+C
    Action: Cut to clipboard - Shortcut: CTRL+X
    Action: Paste from clipboard - Shortcut: CTRL+V
    2. Keys for MSWord
    In order to: Createanewdocument - Pressthe KeysCTRL+N
    In order to: Openadocument - Pressthe KeysCTRL+O
    In order to: Closeadocument - Pressthe KeysCTRL+W
    In order to: Divide adocument - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+S
    In order to: Saveadocument - Pressthe KeysCTRL+S
    In order to: ;Exit Word - Pressthe KeysALT+F4
    In order to: Search text, format and special components - Pressthe KeysCTRL+F
    In order to: Repeat search - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+Y
    In order to: Replace text, specific format and special components - Pressthe KeysCTRL+H
    In order to: Go to a page, bookmark, sub note, table, comment, graphics or any other position - Pressthe KeysCTRL+G
    In order to: Return to a page, bookmark, sub note, table, comment, graphics or any other position - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+Z
    In order to: Search in a document - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+HOME
    In order to: Cancel an Action - Pressthe KeysESC
    In order to: Undo an Action - Pressthe KeysCTRL+Z
    In order to: Cancel undo or to repeat an action- Pressthe KeysCTRL+Y
    In order to: Go to page layout display - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+P
    In order to: Go to configuration display - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+O
    In order to: Go to normal display - Pressthe KeysALT+CTRL+N
    In order to: Move through a primary document and its secondary documents- Pressthe KeysCTRL+\

    3. Keys to format characters and paragraphs

    Characters' format
    In order to: Change the font - Press the Keys CTRL+\
    In order to: Change the font size - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+P
    In order to: Increase the font size - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+>
    In order to: Reduce the font size - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+<
    In order to: Increase the font size by 1 point - Press the Keys CTRL+]
    In order to: Reduce the font size by 1 point - Press the Keys CTRL+[
    In order to: Change the characters formation (font command, form menu) - Press the Keys CTRL+D
    In order to: Change minuscule - capital letters - Press the Keys SHIFT+F3
    In order to: Change all the letters to capitals - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+A
    In order to: Apply bold writing - Press the Keys CTRL+B
    In order to: Apply underlining - Press the Keys CTRL+U
    In order to: Underline the words but not the spaces between them - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+W
    In order to: Double underline a text = - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+D
    In order to: Apply secret document formation - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+H
    In order to: Apply italic writing Εφαρμόσετεμορφήπλάγιαςγραφής - Press the Keys CTRL+I
    In order to: Change all the letters to small capitals - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+K
    In order to: Apply an indicator form (automatic space control) - Press the Keys CTRL+ =
    In order to: Apply an exponent form (automatic space control) - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+=
    In order to: Cancel the non automatic characters' formation - Press the Keys CTRL+SPACE
    In order to: Change the selected area to symbol font- Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+Q
    In order to: Make appear non printable characters - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+* (asterisk)

    4. Keys to review the text format
    SHIFT+F1 (then click on the text whose format you want to review)
    Format copy - CTRL+SHIFT+C
    Format paste - CTRL+SHIFT+V
    Paragraph formation
    To set the spacing to a just space - Press the Keys CTRL+1
    To set the spacing to a double space - Press the Keys CTRL+2
    To set the spacing to a one and a half spaces - Press the Keys CTRL+5
    Add or removal of a line space before from a paragraph - CTRL+0 (zero)
    Set alignment and paragraph indents,
    In order to: Align a paragraph at the centre - Press the Keys CTRL+E
    In order to: Full align a paragraph - Press the Keys CTRL+J
    In order to: Align a paragraph to the left - Press the Keys CTRL+L
    In order to: Align a paragraph to the right - Press the Keys CTRL+R
    In order to: Set the paragraph's indent at the left - Press the Keys CTRL+M
    In order to: Cancel the paragraph's indent at the left- Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+M
    In order to: Create a first line projection- Press the Keys CTRL+T
    In order to: Decrease first line projection - Press the Keys CTRL+SHIFT+T

  • Robobraille Service Open or Close

    Robobraille Service

    Free Pan-European RoboBraille E-mail Service

    This is a pan-European e-mail service to convert text to Braille or voice.

    The RoboBraille robot can convert electronic documents into Braille abbreviations or Synthetic Voice through an efficient, high-quality e-mail service.

    This service is owned, operated and maintained by the Danish Center for Visual Impairment for Children and Youth (Synscenter Refsnæs).

    RoboBraille is available for free to all interested users for non-commercial use.

    Users can send documents to this service by e-mail (e.g., HTML, Word and Text files). In just a few minutes, these documents are returned in Braille abbreviations or Synthetic Voice, depending on the user's preference and language.

    Users do not need to install any additional programs on their computers. RoboBraille is available for all electronic systems that can send and receive e-mails.

    Send an email with an attached document to or to and you will receive in return an mp3 file or a file in Braille, respectively.

    The text conversion process is as follows:
    1. Select the text
    2. Attach the text to your e-mail. (Please send only one attachment per message, with its name in Roman characters.)
    3. Send this message to: to convert your text to synthetic voice or to to convert your text to Braille.
    4. You will receive the attached text as an MP3 or Braille file, respectively.
    Those wishing to try RoboBraille are invited to use the service several times with different texts. These can be letters, books, educational material, agendas, articles, official documents, datasheets, and so on.

    The benefits of RoboBraille are:
    o Autonomy of people with visual impairment or learning difficulties: RoboBraille allows people to access information in a (Braille/Audio) format they can use.
    o Inexpensive editing of electronic documents: RoboBraille does not entail any other financial cost for production, except for an existing e-mail service and Braille conversion technology.
    o Speed of document production in Braille and voice: RoboBraille converts documents into Braille or voice within minutes, reducing production time.
    With the financial support of the European Commission under the eTEN Program, the RoboBraille service is currently being evaluated in the following countries: Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and England.

    RoboBraille has been operating in Denmark since August 2004. This service has the ability to convert texts into Braille into Danish, English, Italian, Greek and Portuguese. The eTEN program was completed in December 2007, but this service is still ongoing.

    For more information on the RoboBraille service, contact the Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind or visit where you can find a full list of services and various types of service aids.

    Contact: Christakis Nicolaides
    Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind
    Telephone: +357 22 81 33 82
    Mobile: +357 99 65 74 67

  • Screen Reader Open or Close

    In order to further broaden our students' access to information, our Library, under the Operational Program "Digital Convergence" and with the valuable contribution of the Regional Association of the Blind of Western Greece, made a Greek version of the application "Screen Reader", an online content reading application for people with visual impairment. Through ScreenReader, our visually impaired students will be able to read the educational material made available through the University's website and through the Library's website. The use of the application does not require the installation of any software, but works through the computer browser, so it can be used by any computer with an internet connection. To use the application, visit
    ScreenReader can be a useful tool and offer more autonomy to our visually impaired users, enabling them to better manage the HOU portal (registry services, electronic learning process sites for submission of work, etc.) as well as the electronic resources of the Library. Thus, our students will be able to better meet their educational and research needs through both the HOU and the Library pages and through any other website.

  • Working Station Open or Close

    The HOU Library has procured computer access equipment for visually impaired people. Specifically, the Library has:
    - A screen reader with Braille display and extra screen magnification of up to 32 times (Supernova Standard Upgrade version 12.03).
    - Software to improve screen data voice reading performance.
    - A Special WinBraille printer fitted in a noise reduction cabinet, capable of printing any Word file, even including mathematical equations from Equation Editor as well as any PDF file. (WinBraille software updated version).
    - A magnification device that displays the image on a built-in screen with the ability to adjust contrast, colour reversal and magnification up to 50 times.
    The HOU Library has licensed the software (Supernova Standard Upgrade version 12.03) in order to lend it and send it to visually impaired students, along with instructions for use and installation.

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