Cooperation Protocol with the Library of the University of Patras

The Hellenic Open University Distance Library and Information Center and the Library and Information Center of the University of Patras have set up a framework of cooperation aiming at implementing common actions in the following fields:

1. Network services for users (common rules for users, common use of certain services i.e. InterLibrary Loan Service, training etc).
2. Digitization, processing and content availability.
i. Digitization and indexing of material.
ii. Operating and maintenance of equivalent information systems.
iii. Designing and developing services regarding content availability (i.e. electronic versions, digitized collections).
3. Common use of resources and facilities (i.e. digitization equipment etc)
4. Collaboration in research and development (R&D) projects on subjects of common interest (Open Access, e-learning, preservation of digital content, etc).
5. A service for immediate delivery of material from electronic journals.
6. Informational as well as promotional activities.

The implementation of the above actions can be fulfilled in various ways:
1. Provision of consultancy services / know how.
2. Materializing projects with our own means.
3. Common use of resources and facilities.
4. Partnership in R&D projects, etc.