InterLibrary Loan Service of Books

The Library of the Hellenic Open University has collaborated with numerous Academic Libraries in order service the students of the Hellenic Open University.

The interloaning process goes as follows: students, having located the material to a collaborating library, submit the Interborrow Book Request. After the Library receives it, forwards the request to the specific collaborating library using a special electronic system. The students are informed by the Library Staff in order to proceed to receive the material from the particular library.

In case that the collaborating Libraries send the material to the students’ place of stay (via courier service), the cost of shipping and return of the material is the responsibility of the students of the Hellenic Open University. The students are obligated to return the material by courier services and no by post.

Also, in case of delay of return, loss, ruin or not compliance to the rules of each library, the Library of HOU in cooperation with the Student Registry Department and by the regulation, will enforce penalties such as: deprivation of the right of registering new subject modules and denial of degree receiving.

The rules of borrowing and disposing of the material are determined by each Library and each one of them has the right to enforce them. All the Libraries can impose fines in case of delay or ruin which may vary according to their regulation.

Attention: This process is only being followed in the case you want to borrow material from another library other than the Library of the Hellenic Open University.
Ιnterloan Process per library: