Dissertations Lending

In order for students to have access to dissertations of their own Study Program, the following must be done firstly:

  1. Locate the dissertation through the Main Catalogue of the HOU Library  (OPAC). This search can be performed either by title, author, etc., either by scanning all the dissertations per Study Program: for example, Dissertations AGG.
  2. After locating the dissertation you want, select it and afterwards go to the link which is given at the field ”Electronic Access to Full Text”.
  3. Fill in the username and password, given by the Department of Students Registry, and confirm by logging in.
  4. The dissertations is at the students’ disposal by double clicking on the file.
In case of dissertations larger than 20MB and in case that some student doesn’t  have any username and password, dissertations lending can only be performed by the following way: fill in the Dissertations Borrow Form.

The dissertations can only be lent to tutors of HOU and to students of the Study Programs in the framework of which , the dissertation has been authored. Moreover, they can be lent to students or tutors of relative Study Programs of HOU.In order to find the dissertations you want, you can search the Main Catalogue of the Library (OPAC)
The shipping of each dissertation goes as follows:

  • By e-mail which will be sent by the Library.
  • By the Post Office (necessarily by registered mail) or by any other private courier services (CD-ROM).
  • In this case, the shipment is entirely the borrower’s responsibility and is charged with the shipping expenses.