Borrowing Dissertations

All active members of the academic community of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) i.e. students, academic staff, can have electronic access to the content of dissertations, regardless the course they are enrolled in, by using the username and password credentials they have been supplied for logging in the educational portal of the HOU.

Step by step process for having access to Dissertations.
1. Locate the dissertation that interests you by doing a search at the Repository website of the HOU ( You can perform a search either by title or by author. Select the dissertation that interests you and click on the pdf file. You'll need to enter your username and password.
2. HOU Dissertations completed up until 2014 can also by located by doing a search at the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Again you can perform a search either by title or author. Once you locate the dissertation, click on it and you'll be transferred to the Repository site where you can access the full text of the dissertation, using your username and password.
3. In cases where the dissertation file is not posted at the Repository due to its large size, students can have it sent to them by the library, if they fill in Borrowing Dissertations Request Form. If you want to use this service you must have obtained your academic I.D. card.
In this case, the mailing of the dissertation can be done:
• Either by emailing the particular file of the dissertation to the student.
• Or by copying it on a CD-ROM and posting it to the student, using either the courier service of the Hellenic Post Office or by any private courier company of the borrower's choice. CD-ROMs are property of the students and are not returned to the library. Students bear the cost of the shipment, even in cases where they don't receive the parcel.

Please note that dissertations are for personal use only and it's not permitted to distribute them.
For further information and instructions related to searching for dissertations please click on the Guide to Searching Dissertations.