What are Electronic Journals?

Electronic Journals are scholarly magazines that can be accessed via electronic transmission, which are either freely available on the internet (open access journals) or through subscription which has been secured by individuals or organizations, such as a library, on behalf of their users. For general information as well as instructions on accessing the electronic journals of the Hellenic Open University (H.O.U.) Library please refer to the General Guide to Electronic Journals. It must be noted that only members of the academic community of the H.O.U. are given access to electronic journals through the username and password credentials they have been supplied, for logging in the Educational Portal of the H.O.U. 

The H.O.U. Library provides access to:

  1. more than 10,000 electronic journals through the Heal-Link  portal (through its involvement in the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link consortium). For further information as well as instructions on accessing the Heal-Link portal please refer to the Guide to Searching Electronic Journals in Heal-Link
  2. electronic journals which are subscriptions of the H.O.U and cover the subject matter of its four Schools (Humanities, Applied Arts, Social Sciences and  Science and Technology). You can see those journals listed below. For further information and instructions on accessing journals please refer to the Guide to Searching Journals Subscribed by the H.O.U.


  1. City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, Policy, Action: analyses and comments on the modern urban world by recording and analyzing “the city”, cities and their future, as well as urbanization.
  2. Identities - Global studies in Culture and Power: explores the formation and transformation of racial, ethnic, national, transnational and postcolonial identities in the contemporary world.
  3. Intercultural Pragmatics: promotes the development and understanding of pragmatic theory and intercultural competence by publishing research that focuses on general theoretical issues in more than one language and culture.
  4. Language Assessment Quarterly: is dedicated to the advancement of theory, research, and practice in first, second, and foreign language assessment for school, college, and university students, for employment, and for immigration and citizenship. 
  5. New Left Review: analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history and philosophy; cinema, literature, heterodox art and aesthetics.
  6. Research on Leadership Education (Journal of): provides an international venue for scholarship and discourse on the teaching and learning of leadership across the many disciplines that inform the field of educational leadership.
  7. Research Notes Online: a publication reporting on matters relating to research, test development and validation within Cambridge English Language Assessment.  
  8. Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning: dedicated to publishing research in the domains of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Applied Linguistics. Its mission is to promote efficient dissemination of the best of the research that is carried out by students and graduates of the M.Ed. in TESOL of the Hellenic Open University, and to facilitate academic exchange between the students and faculty of that programme and members of the wider professional and academic community on a world-wide basis. The official languages of the journal are English and Greek.
  9. Tesol Quarterly: publishes articles concerned with English language teaching and learning and standard English as a second dialect. 
  10. Ανοικτή Εκπαίδευση: publishes theoretical and scientific texts and original research papers in the areas of open and distance learning and education technology. The official language of the journal is Greek.


  1. American Statistical Association (Journal of):  dedicated to the science of statistics. Articles focus on statistical applications, theory, and methods in economic, social, physical, engineering, and health sciences.
  2. The American Statistician: contains timely articles organized into the following sections: Statistical Practice, General, Teacher's Corner, History Corner, Interdisciplinary, Statistical Computing and Graphics, Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials, and Letters to the Editor.
  3. Contemporary Political Theory: publishes a challenging and eclectic mix of articles that contribute both to rethinking what political theory is and does, and to promoting lively engagements with contemporary global politics. Covers areas from post-structuralist thought to analytical philosophy, from feminist theory to international relations theory, from philosophies of the social sciences to the cultural construction of political theory itself. Access is given to issues published in 2002-2014.
  4. Decision Analysis: dedicated to advancing the theory, application and teaching of all aspects of decision analysis. Its primary focus is to develop and study operational decision-making methods.
  5. Diritto Pubblico: includes research papers which cover the areas of public law and in particular constitutional, administrative and European law.
  6. Diritto Pubblico comparato ed europeo:  strives to promote and shape discussion of the most relevant legal issues related both to comparative public law and European law. It particularly focuses on the transformation processes the contemporary legal systems are going through, with a specific attention devoted to the contaminations among the different national legal systems and the speed-up process due to the dynamics between legal orders. Articles are written in Italian as well as in English.
  7. East-West Journal of Economics and Business: concerned with the economies of the East and the West. The journal advances theory, research, and practice in economics and business and provides a forum for academic debate on a variety of topics which are relevant to the journal's central concerns, such as organizational and institutional change, public/private sector interactions, enterprise strategies and internationalization, environmental issues, development problems, regional development and inequalities, real convergence and quality of life.
  8. International Journal of Decision Science, risk and management: publishes research articles that have high impact on the field of management and decision making. It fosters the exchange of theoretical and practical views, case-based experiences and state-of-the-art applications which shape contemporary management and decision-making trends in SMEs, large organizations, institutions and the public sector. 
  9. International Journal of Tourism Policy: provides a forum for scholars and policy makers to exchange views and ideas at an international level on key issues that shape the growth of today's tourism industry.
  10. Organization Science: publishes material in the fields of strategy, management and organization theory .  It focuses on organizations and in particular their processes, structures, technologies, identities, capabilities, forms and performance. 
  11. Quaderni Costituzionali:
  12. Εφημερίδα Διοικητικού Δικαίου:  Covers the needs for instant and valid updating on topics of administrative law and public law, which arise in everyday life. Access to this journal is only available on the premises of the Library. The official language of this Journal is Greek.      


  1. Advanced Composites Letters (ACL): publishes short communications and full papers, which make an original contribution to the field of science and engineering of advanced composite materials or structures.
  2. Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics: covers the significant developments in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, including: the sun; solar system and extrasolar planets; stars; the interstellar medium; galaxy and galaxies; active galactic nuclei; cosmology; and instrumentation and techniques, and the history of the development of new areas of research.
  3. Astronomical Review: publishes authoritative review articles in all fields of astronomy. Its scope encompasses advances in astrophysics, astrobiology, and astrochemistry, as well as cosmology, high energy phenomena, and all related technical and computational fields.
  4. Computational Acoustics (Journal of): provides an international forum for the dissemination of the state-of-the-art information in the field of Computational Acoustics.  Topics include ocean acoustics, seismo-acoustics, aeroacoustics, computational methods and supercomputing.
  5. IEEE Computational Intelligence and AI in Games: publishes archival journal quality original papers in computational intelligence and related areas in artificial intelligence applied to games, including but not limited to videogames, mathematical games, human–computer interactions in games, and games involving physical objects.
  6. IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine: publishes peer-reviewed articles that present emerging novel discoveries, important insights, or tutorial surveys in all areas of computational intelligence design and applications.
  7. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation: publishes full papers and shorter communications on original contributions within the general topics of electromagnetics, antennas and wave propagation.
  8. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: publishes technical articles that deal with the theory, design, and applications of neural networks and related learning systems. Emphasis is given to artificial neural networks and learning systems.
  9. Physical Review Letters: publishes short reports of significant and notable results in the full arc of fundamental and interdisciplinary physics research.
  10. Presence: teleoperators and virtual environments: devoted to research into teleoperation and virtual environments (3D virtual reality worlds).  Contains material about fundamental research into topics such as presence, augmented reality, haptics, user interfaces, and virtual humans, and applications that range from heritage and education to training simulators, healthcare, and entertainment. 
  11. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific: publishes original research in astronomy and astrophysics; innovations in instrumentation, data analysis, and software; tutorials, dissertation summaries, and conference summaries; and invited reviews on contemporary topics. Access available only on issues published in the years 2010-2015.
  12. Quarterly of Applied Mathematics: contains original papers in applied mathematics which have a close connection with applications.
  13. SAE Emissions Technology Collection: papers which cover issues concerned with industrial emissions. Topics dealt with are: design, testing and measurement of emissions (to ensure compliance with government and regulatory agencies), particulates, hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide. Papers available in C.D. ROM only for the years 2010-2011. Users can access this journal only in the location of the HOU Library (not electronically)  .
  14. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics: is an interdisciplinary journal containing research articles that treat scientific problems using methods that are of mathematical interest. Appropriate subject areas include the physical, engineering, financial and life sciences. 
  15. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems: publishes research articles on the mathematical analysis and modeling of dynamical systems and its application to the physical, engineering, life, and social sciences.
  16. SIAM Journal on Computing: contains research articles on the mathematical and formal aspects of computer science and nonnumerical computing.
  17. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization: contains research articles on the mathematics and applications of control theory and on those parts of optimization theory concerned with the dynamics of deterministic or stochastic systems in continuous or discrete time or otherwise dealing with differential equations, dynamics, infinite-dimensional spaces, or fundamental issues in variational analysis and geometry.
  18. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics: publishes research articles on a broad range of topics from pure and applied mathematics including combinatorics and graph theory, discrete optimization and operations research, theoretical computer science, and coding and communication theory.
  19. SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics:  addresses theoretical developments in financial mathematics as well as breakthroughs in the computational challenges they encompass. The journal provides a common platform for scholars interested in the mathematical theory of finance as well as practitioners interested in rigorous treatments of the scientific computational issues related to implementation.
  20. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences: covers all areas of imaging sciences, broadly interpreted. It includes image formation, image processing, image analysis, image interpretation and understanding, computer graphics and visualization, and inverse problems in imaging; leading to applications to diverse areas in science, medicine, engineering, and other fields.
  21. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis: features research articles of the highest quality employing innovative analytical techniques and employ mathematical methods in such areas as partial differential equations, the calculus of variations, functional analysis, approximation theory, harmonic or wavelet analysis, or dynamical systems. 
  22. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications: publishes research articles in matrix analysis and its applications and papers of interest to the numerical linear algebra community. Applications include such areas as signal processing, systems and control theory, statistics, Markov chains, and mathematical biology. 
  23. SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: an interdisciplinary journal focusing on the fundamental modeling and computational principles underlying various multiscale methods.
  24. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis: contains research articles on the development and analysis of numerical methods. Topics include the rigorous study of convergence of algorithms, their accuracy, their stability, and their computational complexity.
  25. SIAM Journal on Optimization: contains research articles on the theory and practice of optimization. The areas addressed include linear and quadratic programming, convex programming, nonlinear programming, complementarity problems, stochastic optimization, combinatorial optimization, integer programming, and convex, nonsmooth and variational analysis.
  26. SIAM Theory of Probability and its Applications: is a translation of the Russian journal Teoriya Veroyatnostei i ee Primeneniya, which contains papers on the theory and application of probability, statistics, and stochastic processes.
  27. SIAM Review: contains articles of broad interest which deal with problems, solutions, techniques, tools, mathematical formulas and questions which have to do with mathematics.
  28. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing: contains research articles on numerical methods and techniques for scientific computation. Papers address computational issues relevant to the solution of scientific or engineering problems and generally include computational results demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed techniques.
  29. SIAM Journal on Uncertainty Quantification: publishes research articles presenting significant mathematical, statistical, algorithmic, and application advances in uncertainty quantification, defined as the interface of complex modeling of processes and data, especially characterizations of the uncertainties inherent in the use of such models. The journal also focuses on related fields such as sensitivity analysis, model validation, model calibration, data assimilation, and code verification.


  1. Acta Acustica united with Acustica: published together with the European Acoustics Association (EAA), it publishes original articles on all subjects in the field of acoustics.
  2. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology: covers the full range of energy and environmental services in buildings, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building electrical services, building acoustics, water supply and sanitation, vertical transport, sustainable building etc.   
  3. Colour Research and Application: reports on the science, technology, and application of color in business, art, design, education and industry.
  4. International Journal of Design Education: Promotes the writing of research papers regarding art, education and design.
  5. Perception: a journal reporting experimental results and theoretical ideas ranging over the fields of human, animal, and machine perception.