Digital Plan

Digital Plan


  • Search Engine Open or Close

    This is a unified search engine which has the possibility of interconnection with external information sources while it presents the search results like a federated search engine. The process of search in external sources will include the use of REST based web services. It is a search engine that dispatches the user search questions at the entire selected search engines, data bases etc, and presents the returned results to the user. With this service the inquiring process of the students is being simplified, since they are relieved from the burden of searching of the same information at different sources.

  • Institutional Repository Open or Close

    An Institutional repository is comprised of digital data bases that provide free and without restriction access to scientific and research material (full texts and metadata).

    The products of the scientific – research production of the Institution are kept in the I.R. as a result of the work that is being done by the academic – research staff (research publications, technical documents, books, instructive material, lectures, etc.) or by the students of the Institution (dissertations and theses). The content can be accessed  via the Internet by  the final users- either inside or outside  the Institution - with a very few to none restrictions.

  • Proxy Service Open or Close

    In order to facilitate the user experience of the students of the Hellenic Open University a proxy system is deemed necessary which will offer access to subscribed material which will be accessed by the webpage of the Hellenic Open University without the need of installing VPN applications.

  • Services for the Disabled Open or Close

    In order to improve the services of the Hellenic Open University to disabled people, the Library of the Hellenic Open University offers the service screenreader with the technology of converting texts of websites to speech.

  • Creating and developing of Subject Portals Open or Close

    During previous programs,(SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMII), a number of collections were developed at certain fields of the Hellenic Open University which comprised the content of the Subject Portals which is available bytheweb pageof the Library where the users can search and locate directly reliable selected information resources.

    The categoriesof resourcesthatare being offeredby the Subject Portals are:electronicbooksand journals,data bases,bibliographicreports, blogs, scientific community’s activities, relevantcontent portals etc.

    TheSubject Portals are more than a simple spaceofconcentrationandclassificationof informationfromtheGreekandinternational background,but alsoausefulhelping tool at research.

    Its content will be constantly updated and monitored, guidingtheusersthrough their search.Up to nowthesubject portals that have been developed are the following four: Subject Portal of Distance Learning, Subject Portal of English Language Teaching, Subject Portal of Mathematics,and Subject Portal of Open Access Software.

    This program will include the updating of these portals along with the developing of two (2) new digital Subject Portals which will cover new needs concerning scientific information relative to the Modules of the Hellenic Open University, and more specifically:a)Graphicarts andmultimediaandb)CulturalHeritageof Patras(wiki form).

  • Creating and Developing of Phonetic Engine Open or Close

    A Phonetic Engine system is being developed which concerns the creating of a unified information and service system which will cover the needs of the users of the Library of the Hellenic Open University (students. Teaching and Research Staff members,
    administrative staff of the Hellenic Open University,other interested users, etc).The users can connect to the system by land-line phone or mobile phone (with the useofautomaticdialogicsystem).

  • Digitization Open or Close

    Theprocessof digitization has to do with the processofelectroniceditingandconversion of a physicalobjectin to digital form.It aimstotheguarantee of the information thatis being containedinarchival material,theprotectionof the prototype material and the qualitativereproductioninelectronicandprint means.

  • Single Sign On Service Open or Close

    Theshibboleth service,offers thepossibilitytothe usersof the electronicservicesof the Hellenic Open University, to use the electronic services without having to log in to each of them of separately.